Winter Boulder Series 2017

The Winter Boulder Series is almost here once again.  Starting on 21st October and the last round closing on 16th March, this years’ competition is sponsored by Mountain Boot and Beta Climbing Designs who are supplying a load of prizes from much loved brands Scarpa, Friction Labs, Climb On! and more! We have some great prizes instore.

Remember to come along for prizes and raffle on Friday 17th March from 6pm!

With guest setters there’ll be a variety of styles and interesting problems to try for every ability. This years competiton will run over a few weeks in each round so there is even more time to try the problems!



FREE Supper & £5 Entry on opening night of each round!

Here’s the dates make sure you come along! Best 4/5 rounds count!

WBS Round 1: 21st October – 18th November

WBS Round 2: 18th November – 16th December

WBS Round 3: 16th December – 20th January

WBS Round 4: 20th January – 17th February

WBS Round 5: 17th February – 16th March

WBS Prizes & Raffle 6pm 17th March

Thanks to WBS Sponsors



Winter Boulder Series 2017 Scoreboard 





web_A3_POSTER_WBSWinter Boulder Series 2016 Scoreboard






Winter Boulder Series 2015 









HRT Winter Boulder Series 2014








Winter Boulder Series 2013



REINER_nWinter Boulder Series 2012

LADDER_2011Winter Boulder Series 2011

CARMELWinter Boulder Series 2010


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