Date: 17th October 2014

Black Circuit F6c – F7b Ready Now!

It’s Friday, which means it’s Funky Friday from 6pm – entry is just £5! More importantly, Paul Carruthers has just delivered a fresh black circuit graded F6b – F7b in time for the weekend! DCC’s Phil has also been busy this morning… making a new set of different sized brushes to clean those hard to reach holds!

A note from the route setter…

These black problems are the hardest set at DCC designed to put everyones climbing skills to the test. Look out for the small crimps and awful slopers, and use your heels to your advantage. Something static, something dynamic and everything in between.

Some of the problems in the tunnel area are shorter with more moves perfect for our pint sized adults and DCC Academy juniors. Enjoy!

Hayley McKenna Manager