Date: 23rd January 2020

Academy team prepare for competition season ahead

The BMC Youth Climbing Series is a climbing competition for young people. The series is extremely popular and attracts hundreds of young climbers nationwide.

Young climbers compete in four regional rounds: two bouldering rounds, and two roped rounds. The podium finishers in each category are invited to the national final held in Sheffield.

In previous years, many members of DCC Academy Team have made the final on a number of occasions!

With YCS just around the corner, Team DCC have been preparing for Round 1 starting this weekend, and hooray it’s bouldering!

Since September 2019, the full academy team have been training more regularly in three dedicated squads: Development team, Performance team and Senior team. Coaches Dan, Dan (The Dan’s) and Dave have developed training programmes and supported individuals to reach their goals and improve their climbing performance. Junior GB Climbing Team manager Ian Dunn has come onboard to deliver tailored training days. Everyone has worked harder than ever before!

DCC Academy training sessions can be tough and are frequent. Members attend up to three coached sessions per week focusing on: fundamentals, technical/tactical work and strength & conditioning respectively; as well as their own sessions at different walls. The standard of performance across the board has increased greatly with the current cohort rising to the occasion.

We have held three training days at DCC led by GB Coach Ian Dunn working on individual strengths and weaknesses, competition prep, route reading and strength training. Ian has delivered training days at other walls to encourage climbing on different holds, different angles and climbing in new and unfamiliar environments. At each one, the team have grown stronger and performed better.

Here’s how the academy squads are faring coming into the first round of this year’s competition. The sheer hard work and training from every member of the team has been reflected in their outstanding progress towards their own individual performance goals.

This has been backed up by the dramatic improvements seen in the data collected and analysed by academy coaches as well as in the “pre-season events”. With podiums at Adidas Rockstars, Climbing works youth festival, and the ongoing Axis Newcastle competition.

Everyone here at DCC are extremely proud of the team, their efforts and especially how well they represent the wall and their club. You will always see them cheering others on and offering their support.

Although the competition will no doubt be tough this year, we feel we are now in an excellent position, stronger and more prepared than ever. Most of all though, we just want to have a great day, climb our best and catch up with our climbing buddies from all over the UK.

Hayley McKenna Manager