Date: 29th October 2011

Durham Climbing Centre's 4th Anniversary

Thank you to everyone who came down to the Centre to celebrate our 4th Birthday! Between trying out all the latest La Sportiva rock boots and tucking into a rather impressively size birthday cake, we certainly celebrated in style!

Kicking off with the Friday night boot demo, the La Sportiva Solutions were a big hit amongst our climbers, with most people taking the opportunity to try out this very elite rock boot. The Miura Velcros also make quite an impression as a serious bouldering shoe, and many of you came back with really positive feedback after climbing in this model. Interestingly, we discovered the Katana lace was completely different from the Velcro version, from the construction of the sole to the feel when used on the wall.

Simon, the rep, provided loads of information about the La Sportiva range, and how all the fantastic technology and design behind the shoes actually helps us to climb better! Everyone who came down to the demo were entered into a raffle for a free pair of Katanas, congratulations to Simon Gardiner for winning first prize and going home with a brand new pair of rock shoes!

On Saturday we continued the celebrations with a fun, speed-themed competition. With 25 problems covering the whole grade range the competition was a popular with all our climbers. 9 of the 25 problems were speed challenges, where more points were gained the faster you could get up the problem! These problems definitely proved entertaining for spectators and climbers alike! The hanging rock made an appearance as well, but this time swinging to try and latch a big hanging volume. On the barrel a horrendously slopey problem remained unconquered on the day although we reckon with the temperature creeping down it and improving friction on those holds it won’t stay that way for long! Congratulations to Dave Wilson who won the competition. All competitors received a free D.C.C. T-shirt and lucky regular Andy Wilson won a pair of Five Ten rock boots in the raffle! Don’t panic is you didn’t get all the routes done on Saturday as the routes will be kept up as the green circuit.

Rounding off the weekend we had a great time chilling out and listening to our live blues band, Saltlick.

Whilst some of you had enough energy for a proper session on the wall, the majority seemed to have a relatively easy session and concentrate more on the social side of being a climber! The climbing quiz got everyone racking their brains for climbing trivia of all sorts, and at 40 questions long we really meant business! The biggest star of the day was undoubtedly our beautiful birthday cake, complete with sparklers and mini cake decoration fireworks! Everyone seemed to agree that cake was definitely the best post-climbing snack and it disappeared rather quickly…

Once again, thanks to everyone who came down for our birthday celebrations. Next year we are going to be 5 years old so the celebrations are going to be bigger and better – you won’t want to miss out!

Hayley McKenna Manager