Date: 29th October 2020

Food Bank Collection Service

Food banks make a difference to people in our community. As a nation, times are really hard right now for a lot of people. Our team know this too after our centre sadly had to close for 4 months over lockdown. During this time we were unable to provide the escape people need to get some exercise and look after their physical and mental health. We tried hard to keep in touch with everyone through our social media channels.

Many people are facing hardships in our community. Some families are struggling to buy basic items including food and toiletries. DCC really want to help so we are launching this service to provide a collection point for items donated by the wonderful climbing community.

DCC pledge to donate £20 of essential food and toiletries every week to the appeal from now until Christmas and we will personally deliver all items collected to our local food banks. Things like UHT milk, tinned foods, toilet rolls, toothpaste are all items that would be greatly appreciated.

Please help if you can by dropping a packet or tin off, or some toiletries - whatever you can spare and we will do the rest to get these items to the most vulnerable people in our community who really need it. So many wonderful people volunteer to help run food banks too - this is amazing! Thank you!

Hayley McKenna Manager