Date: 8th September 2013

Junior Winter Series 2014 Pre Event Information

Durham Climbing Centre’s second dedicated Junior Winter Series starts in October 2014!

A fun, in-house competition series hosted by Durham Climbing Centre.

Junior Winter Series Pre Event Information

  • All Junior Competitions held at Durham Climbing Centre are suitable for novice to advanced Junior Climbers who have climbed before.

  • The DCC Winter Series is a dedicated junior competition.

  • Route setting is tailored to juniors’ age and ability.

  • Taking place over 5 rounds from October 2013 – March 2014. Award Ceremony Saturday 23rd March 2013

  • Competitors are welcome from any geographic location.

  • Competitors must be members of Durham Climbing Centre. Membership may be completed on the day of the event.

  • The event is self-scored by parents / juniors & DCC staff.

  • Categories are as follows –

    Youth C – those born in 2000 & 2001
    Youth D – those born in 2002 & 2003
    Youth E – those born in 2004 & 2005

    Youth F – those born in 2006 & 2007

Competition Rules

  • All problems start with hands on marked handholds. All problems end by touching two hands (matching) on the final hold.

  • Volumes, features & arêtes are included on all problems unless stated on scorecard. Ask your coach if you are unsure prior to starting a problem.

  • When both feet have left the ground, this counts as one attempt.

  • The maximum number of points (11) is awarded if the problem is climbed (flashed) on the first attempt. 10 Points are awarded for any successful attempt.

  • Score-cards are self marked. Be honest – it is important juniors understand how the scoring works.

  • Juniors are entered into categories according to age. They should enter the correct category for their age according to their year of birth.

Scoring: Points are awarded as follows –

Successful 1st Attempt (Flash): 11 points

Any Attempt: 10 points


  • All scorecards must be handed in by 10pm on last Thursday in each round.

  • Results will be announced online and updated regularly each round.

  • Round scores are carried forward to overall score.

  • Overall score is best 4 scores out of 5 rounds.

  • Trophies & medals are awarded for winners and runners up. All competitors overall receive a certificate to take home in final on 22nd March

  • A free raffle will be drawn in final on 22d March. Scorecards from each round are entered as raffle tickets.

Guidance for Parents

  • Parents are responsible for supervising juniors outside junior lessons.

  • The practice of spotting is strongly recommended by parents.

  • Parents may help juniors with scoring and filling in scorecards.

  • Parents please be aware of rules and scoring system to advise children correctly on how the competition works specifically how problems are started and finished, and number of attempts.

  • Please ensure your child completes a warm up prior to climbing.

  • Please encourage and support all children taking part, as well as your own.

Junior Winter Bouldering Series 2014 Round Dates

Friday 25th October Thursday 21st November

Friday 22nd November – Thursday 19th Dec

Friday 20th December – Thursday 16th Jan

Friday 17th Jan – Thursday 20th Feb

Friday 21st Feb – Thursday 20th March

Saturday 22nd March Award Ceremony & Raffle 1pm – 3pm

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Have fun and good luck to all!
Hayley McKenna Manager