Date: 21st August 2012

Round 3 Round Up

Round 3 has seen some hard but interesting problems, which coupled with the intense heat means some of our climbers are still struggling their way up!

Some tricksters in the mix include the sideways dyno on orange Problem #3 which is causing difficulties for many, as the lunge proves just too hard to stick. Problem #11, which takes in our new double balled volume, tests climbers mastery of slopers and then once the bulges have been surmounted leaves them with a balancy and nerve racking finish!

Problems #25 and #26 have not yet been climbed by anyone, the holds span the 35 and 45 degree walls and the corner becomes a blunt and awkward arête. These problems will stay up for a few weeks so keep trying!

Orange #42 is easier for the long armed smearing expert, as the slight overhang of the wall makes getting feet onto the first central foothold really quite difficult. Problem 34 sorts the bouncy from the leaden legged as climbers jump up to catch the deceptively comfy looking banana shaped volume, and that is not even the crux! There is a lovely sequence for problem 12 on the barrel but did you get it first time?! The squirming required for the compression roof traverse on problem 38 is a test of tenacity! Problem 8 on the featured arête has a satisfying outdoor feel. There are plenty of interesting moves on the easier climbs too, we could easily go on..!!

What can you expect from Round 4 we hear you cry! A pie and pea supper for all (completely free!), 50 New black and yellow problems go up this time round from local strong men Adam Watson & Paul Carruthers, some more shorter reaches will feature in this round, the volumes are staying put after a number of shuffles already in the Summer Ladder. Plus we really like the view from the fire exit towards the top of the corridor awash with a mass of triangular and balled volumes of various bright colours… keep posted for the latest news from the Summer Ladder online and on our blog.

Hayley McKenna Manager