Date: 1st June 2016

SBL 2016 Pre-Event Info

Summer Boulder Ladder 2016 starts 1st July!

It’s that time of year again, the ‘glorious’ British summertime, and we all know that means the DCC Summer Boulder Ladder is here! Hooray! We hear you all shout. What better way to spend the days and nights than here at DCC with challenging problems for all ages and abilities!

Supporting Climbers Against Cancer (CAC)

This year, we are joining forces with the charity set up by climber John Ellison: Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). We will be donating scorecard fees and proceeds from T Shirt sales to Climbers Against Cancer (CAC). CAC is a truly global campaign with CAC t-shirts and accessories being sold across all five continents. Climbers, their friends and families are wearing the CAC logo with pride on rock faces, in climbing centres and in every day life.

From the start of the competition, we will be stocking CAC T shirts and vests in our shop with all proceeds going directly to CAC. Look out for the special CAC climbing holds each round which could help you to win free coffee! All you have to do is post a video of yourself completing the problem to our facebook page or twitter, hashtag #climbersagainstcancer and tag a mate!

Make sure you come along on opening night each round to make the most of the £5 entry fee. Rounds always start at 5pm and there’s a FREE colourful CAC iron on badge to all competitors attending on opening night Friday 1st July.

Round Dates

Round 1: 1st July – 21st July – FREE CAC BADGE on opening night

Round 2: 15th July – 4th August

Round 3: 29th July – 18th August

Round 4: 12th August – 3rd September

Raffle, Challenges, Prizes & BBQ Saturday 3rd September 2pm – 4pm

How does the ladder work?

Each round will be open for 3 weeks and you can keep coming back as many times as you like to make sure you bag those climbs (and points). Rounds are overlapping, so you get new problems every fortnight. It’s a great structure for your first or one hundred and first comp, with the opportunity to keep trying those problems, it’s a great way to push your grade and see just what you can do. The online scoreboard is regularly updated so you can easily check your progress and with the fantastic route setters we have lined up you’ll be sure to find some project problems. There will be a free coaching session before each round, so come along pick up tips and find out what it’s all about. Just enter the correct categories according to your age and gender. There are 4 categories in the adults event: Senior Male (16 – 39) Senior Female (16 – 39) Vets Male (40+) Vets Female (40+)

FREE SBL Coaching Sessions

Before each round we’ll be hosting a FREE Coaching Session for anyone wanting to get the most out of the competition. In these sessions you can find out exactly how the competition and scoring works, and pick up tips on getting the best score and making the most out of each round. Perfect for those of you who will be competing for the first time this year, and suitable for everyone.

FREE SBL Coaching Session Dates

Session 1: Tuesday 28th June 8.15pm – 9pm

Session 2: Tuesday 12th July 8.15pm – 9pm

Session 3: Tuesday 26th July 7pm – 9pm

Session 4: Tuesday 9th August 7pm – 9pm

Session 5: Tuesday 30th August 7pm – 9pm

Raffle, Spot Prizes, Climbing Challenges and BBQ

For each round you enter, you’ll receive a raffle ticket. The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 3rd September 2pm – 4pm when we will have a BBQ and prizes for participants. Prizes will be awarded for random results, so you could even win if you come 50th!

Youth Boulder Ladder

Not forgetting for our younger climbers, is the Youth Boulder Ladder, which will be running in parallel for aged 7-16. The relaxed and fun series is a great way to focus your climbing and see how far up the ‘Ladder’ you can get. With each round you enter, you’ll receive a raffle ticket. The raffle will be drawn on Saturday 3rd September 2pm – 4pm, along with spot prizes and BBQ. There are 6 junior categories: Boys 7 – 9, Girls 7 – 9, Boys 10 – 12, Girls 10 – 12, Boys 13 – 15, Girls 13 – 15

Hayley McKenna Manager