Date: 28th June 2012

The Rise of Bouldering Only Centres

When we set up Durham Climbing Centre 5 years ago, participation in indoor Bouldering was increasing every year. With the sport still growing in participation and headed for the 2020 Olympics, it’s a pleasure to be involved in such an exciting and fast moving industry.

This recent article in The Guardian sums up how indoor Bouldering has evolved and become one of the fastest growing sports…

‘Statistics released last week by Sport England reveal that indoor climbing will overtake its traditional outdoor counterpart as the country’s most popular mountaineering activity in six to 12 months. The sport as a whole has been on an upwards trend since 2005 – last year mountaineering was one of only four sports to show an increase in participation. Next year the IOC will decide whether ‘sports climbing’ will enter the Olympics in 2020. The Olympic nod would no doubt cause another surge of interest’…

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Hayley McKenna Manager