Date: 6th March 2015

WBS 2015 Round 5 & The Final!

Round 4 Down…

The DCC Winter Boulder Series 2015 has only one round left to go now before the final! Ian Dunn set 25 pink problems for round 4 last weekend. The problems included a wide range of grades from Font 4 – 7b. The last round saw higher scores across the board in general with quite a few climbers gaining over 200 points! Will Roscoe bagged the highest score of the competition yet with an impressive 244/250! Will was closely followed by Jack Graham, Urban Bitenc and David Murray. Free pizza was again on the table for all competing to enjoy too!

Pink Circuit Beta

Although the Pink circuit was set for round 4 of the competition GB Coach Ian Dunn set the circuit with technique improvement in mind. There are plenty of mid-range problems, which are perfect for practicing and improving weak areas! Speak to one of our coaches to find out which problems will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths!

Round 5…

Round 5 will kick off Friday 6th March at 5pm and finish earlier than usual at 3.30pm on Saturday 7th March to make way for the World Cup Style Final! This round counts, and it’s best 4 out of 5 highest scores that matter.

A free curry supper will be provided on Saturday night for all competitors & spectators!
Route Setting…

Route setting for the event is as usual top drawer stuff, with James Hunter setting 25 problems for Round 5 & Mickey Stainthorpe setting the 6 final blocs plus 2 tie break problems. These will be taken down and reset just before the final on Saturday. Along with the final blocs, Mickey will be setting the new eagerly awaited wooden project circuit.

The Final Saturday 7th March 4pm – Spectators Welcome!

The final will begin at 4pm on Saturday so make sure you’re down to watch the battle! All spectators are welcome to come down and watch – there is no charge!

The Final will see the top 5 climbers from both the Male and Female categories go head to head on 3 problems unseen to them until the time. Check the scoreboard here to see if you are within the top 5 males or females from any category and therefore eligible for the final – this could change with 1 round to go it’s all to play for! Your highest 4 scores from any round count, however you may still be eligible for the final if you only attended 3 rounds and gained a super impressive score each time! Come along on the night for a chance to take part. If any of the top 5 are unable to compete, we move down the list!

Scoring –

3 problems for male & 3 problems for female competitors

2 minutes viewing time per problem prior to isolation

5 minutes per problem

tops, attempts and bonus holds count

In the event of a tie break, a tie break problem will be completed!

Raffle & Prizes

The raffle will be drawn with all scorecards from every round becoming your raffle tickets and you need to be here to collect your prize! Series sponsors have donated some awesome prizes! Trophies for podium category winners and overall winners will be handed to the climbers along with their prizes. Don’t forget the date – Saturday 7th March 4pm!!

Hayley McKenna Manager