First Time Visitor

We've made it easy for you to see what you need to do before you visit.

Step 1


Before visiting the centre, please complete a registration form. We need one of these for everyone who's climbing. Adults aged 18 or over can complete the form themselves. Under 18's will need a responsible adult to fill the form out on their behalf.

Step 2

Safety Video

All members of your group ust watch the safety video. This contains some important safety information as well as what to wear and what to do on your first visit.

Step 3

Choose Your Session

It's important that you find the right session for you. All new climbers are required to complete a Beginner Taster Session, unless accompanied by an experienced climber. An experienced climber who has completed a Beginner Taster Session or Competency test may sign in up to two novice climbers.

If you are visiting for the first time but have climbed before, you will be required to complete a Bouldering Competency Test. If you are an experienced climber and wish to supervise a new climber, you will be required to complete a Bouldering Competency Test. If you do not pass our Bouldering Competency Test, you will be required to complete a Beginner Taster Session. You can see our available Beginner Taster Sessions by clicking the link below. If you arrive at the centre and there are no Beginner Taster Sessions available, you may be required to wait or return to the centre when one becomes available. If you are unsure what session is best for you, please call us. Please see the flowchart below.

Step 4

What to Bring

It's important you wear the right clothing to climb. Wear clothes that are comfortable but not too loose fitting; we also advise wearing long sleeve shirts. If you have your own climbing shoes don't forget to bring them with you! Shoe hire is available at the centre if you don't have your own. For hygiene reasons, we ask that everyone hiring shoes wears socks.