Date: 18th March 2016

Circuit News

Every week, DCC’s creative Route Setting Team add at least one new circuit creating around 25 new problems to try! In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions…

How many circuits does DCC have?

We have 10 coloured circuits plus a wooden project circuit. In each colour, we have 2 full sets of holds. DCC have a large selection of holds from Core Climbing, Bleaustone, HRT, Lapis, Entre-Prises, Holdz and more!

How can I find out what’s changing and when?

The route setting schedule located on the advanced area notice board lists all current and upcoming circuits.

Do holds get cleaned? If so how often?

DCC has a strict hold cleaning procedure. Circuits stay up around 4 – 8 weeks and are cleaned each time they are removed. A circuit is stripped 1 week before being reset to allow time for pressure washing and drying out of the circuit. Each hold is individually pressure washed and dried out for a number of days before resetting. We don’t use any type of cleaner on the holds, as this can leave a greasy residue – we simply use a very powerful industrial pressure washer and each hold is cleaned one by one. This job is completed every week, outside the centre whatever the weather…. we have even dug out trenches in the snow to carry out this task.

Who are DCC’s Route Setters?

DCC Route Setters are experienced route setters with years of climbing experience behind them. Creating new problems which are workable, interesting and different each week is a difficult task. Route setters must also work quickly to set 25 new problems each week.

What is the Coffee Challenge?

Every week at DCC there is a NEW Coffee Challenge to try! All you have to do is complete the problem and post a video of yourself doing so online on the DCC Facebook Page. Then challenge a mate and collect a free coffee from reception!

Check the Circuits Notice board in the Advanced Climbing Area to find out which problem is the latest coffee challenge! Each one lasts for 1 week only!

We love feedback… so let us or the setters know what you think!

Upcoming & Recent Circuits

24/03/2016 PINK + VOLUME SHUFFLE by Paul Carruthers & James Hunter F4 – F7c+

WBS Round 5 & The Final

18/03/2016 BLACK by Paul Carruthers F6b – F7c

11/03/2016 GREEN by Paul Carruthers F5 – F6

03/03/2016 BLUE by David Stainthorpe F4 – F6

26/02/2016 WHITE by Paul Carruthers F6c – F8a

19/02/2016 ORANGE Mickey Stainthorpe & Rich Lanham F4 – F7c+

12/02/2016 RED by James Hunter F6c – F7b

05/02/2015 YELLOW by James Hunter F5 – F6c

22/01/2016 SPOTTY by James Hunter F4 – F6a

15/01/2016 PURPLE by Paul Carruthers F6a – F7b

Hayley McKenna Manager