About Us

Indoor Bouldering Centre

Have you ever fancied trying a new sport?

Are you an experienced climber looking for somewhere to climb? Are you bored of the gym and looking for somewhere new to train? Are you a parent looking for a children’s activity to develop fitness and develop a range of skills?

At Durham Climbing Centre we are proud to offer a welcoming climbing community. Our dedicated bouldering centre is located in Meadowfield, less than 3 miles from Durham City Centre. Durham Climbing Centre is one of the largest dedicated bouldering centre's in the UK! Every level of climber can climb here from beginner to pro! At Durham Climbing Centre there’s a challenge for everyone!


Suitable for novice climbers and children aged 2+ years.

The Beginner Climbing Area offers a range of easier climbs and gentle angles. This area is overlooked by the coffee lounge - ideal for spectators! Adults and children are permitted to use the Beginner Climbing Area. 

A complimentary Warm Up Area is located in the Beginner Climbing Area is equipped with exercise mats, kettlebells, free weights, Indo Balance Board and lots of complimentary equipment. 

Advanced Climbing Area

Suitable for experienced climbers and advanced children.

The Advanced Climbing Area offers a range of climbs from very easy to very hard! The Advanced Climbing Area offers colour coded climbs to challenge beginner and advanced climbers. You will find a large variety of angles to climb on, and some steep overhangs! 

There are 11 coloured circuits to try, each offering new challenges. Brightly coloured climbing hand holds and foot holds provide hundreds of climbing challenges to try.  


A meeting place for climbers

Durham Climbing Centre offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to socialise with friends in between climbs. Meeting for a coffee and a climb in the comfortable coffee lounge is a part of climbing! Bouldering can be done independently with friends or family of all ages and abilities.

Many climbers enjoy the social side of the sport - adults can meet at the climbing wall and work climbs together. Parents can meet over a coffee while the kids climb the walls!


Build strength and muscle tone

Advanced climbers will love using our extensive training area equipped with many training tools to maximise gains. 

The wooden Beastmaker Training board set at 45 degrees is a tough training device that can become addictive! Use it to train the core and focus on any weaknesses.

A large campus board area offers campus rungs of varying difficulty, alongside half dome pinchey slopers. You can find a selection of Fingerboards including Beastmaker 1000 Series , and Beastmaker 2000 Series. 

Gymnastic rings can be lowered for plank exercises or heightened for gymnastic holds.

Circuit Board

Train endurance and get pumped!

The extensive circuit board created by GB Climbing coach Ian Dunn is useful for warming up, improving endurance, improving footwork and traverse climbing. There are 5 circuits available ranging from F4 – F6c. To make the board more difficult, complete more laps on harder footholds.

New Climbs Every Week

Professional climbers and route setters offering new weekly challenges to try!

It's true! Every week we remove one full coloured circuit for a full reset. Individual hand holds and foot holds are professionally cleaned and refreshed ready for a fresh set of climbs. 

This means there are around 25 brand new climbing challenges to try every week from the best professional climbers and route setters in the UK!

Coffee Lounge & Cafe

Serving a selection of light bites, teas and speciality coffees

Inside the climbing centre you can find the Rock Hard Coffee Lounge and Café serving a selection of light bites and specialty hot drinks. Try a ploughman's platter or a delicious pumpkin spiced latte on your next visit! 

Equipment Shop

Why hire when you can buy?

Everything you need for climbing can be found in our equipment shop! Pick up climbing shoes, chalk bags, chalk and accessories alongside clothing from leading brands. You can even find Christmas Gift packs for your climbing buddies! Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) merchandise can also be purchased in our shop.