Rock Stars Children's Lessons

Looking for somewhere to keep your bundle of joy entertained after school, on weekends and during holidays? At Durham Climbing Centre, we make sure to provide a space that is safe and fun for your children to learn new skills, improve fitness and make friends for life!

We offer Rock Stars lessons from ages 3-16 years and make sure there is something to suit everyone. We want your children to experience the benefits of bouldering. Becoming a Rock Star will help with increasing physical fitness, balance and agility to promote hand eye co-ordination. Our group sessions also help to build social skills and encourage speaking and listening.

Most importantly, we want your children to feel that they are part of our team. We want them to leave every lesson and activity knowing that they are not just a climber, they are a Rock Star!

Make sure to look out for our special events including children’s Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party and Christmas Party with themed climbing activities. See you there!

Little Rock Stars

3 - 6 Years

You are never too young to start bouldering! We offer Little Rock Stars classes for ages 3-6 which give your children the basic techniques they need to become confident climbers. By attending our structured climbing sessions, your child will be taught the skills they need to improve co-ordination, build self-confidence and social skills. All sessions include chalk and shoe hire.

We have introduced the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) Wild Climbers on all our 3-6 years Little Rock Stars Lessons. This structured, rewarding scheme offers an optional log book to keep a record of your child's achievements and a fun sticker page*.

NICAS Wild Climbers meets the 3 key learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is the precursor to Key Stage 1, and includes Communication, Physical Development, and Social & Emotional Development.

There are 6 skill areas, each themed to an appropriate animal. Children work their way through 3 stages to receive certificates for each skill. Animal badges can be purchased each term to add to children's hoodies! 

The easiest way to find out more about Wild Climbers, including the aims and learning outcomes, is to have a look through the Wild Climbers website and take a look at the Parents and Carers Handbook for NICAS Wild Climbers. Click Here to learn more!

Please contact the centre for any remaining availability or to request a place on the waiting list on [email protected]

*Wild Climbers Logbook and stickers are optional and may be purchased from reception.

3 - 6 Years Term
£56(7 Week Block)
Term Starts: Monday 3rd June 2024
3 - 6 Years Taster
£8One off session
School Holidays
NICAS Wild Climbers Log Book
Covers all levels of scheme & includes stickers
Wild Climbers Badge
7 Wild Climbers badges to collect!
Wild Climbers Ring Binder
A folder to safely store your log book

Junior Rock Stars

7 - 11 Years

Being part of the Junior Rock Stars means that your young climber’s skills and talents are celebrated, and so they should be. Our unique Durham Climbing Centre Award Scheme allows every Junior Rock Star to work through a criteria designed by experienced and qualified climbing coaches to help them reach their goals! We award your child with medals and certificates at each of the four stages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Junior Helper. Young climbers also receive their very own ‘buddy badge’ after completion of the Gold Award. As a buddy badge holder, junior helpers may be asked by their coaches to pair up with new members and given extra responsibilities by their coaches. We make sure that all Junior Rock Stars are recognised for their amazing achievements and given the tools they need to grow! 

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7 - 11 Years Term
£91(7 Week Block)
Term Starts: Monday 3rd June 2024
7-11 Years Taster
£13One off sessions
School Holidays

Rising Rock Stars

12 - 16 Years

Some Rock Stars come through the ranks and others may start a bit later on. But the Rising Rock Stars is prepared for all abilities and ready to nurture any talent as your child enters their teenage years. Our coaching sessions for the older children really focus on developing those key skills and perfecting techniques whilst making them feel more grown up and like part of the Durham Climbing Centre team. Climbing coaches also deliver advanced workshops to those more experienced climbers and introduce conditioning, nutrition and training. To be a Rising Rock Star, all you need to do is get involved.

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12 - 16 Years Term
£91(7 Week Block)
Term Starts: Monday 3rd June 2024
12-16 Years Taster
£13One Off Sessions
School Holidays

Durham Climbing Centre Academy

Be part of our Youth Team!

We love to recognise and develop talent in every Rock Star. So when one of our stars shines bright we are able to offer them advanced coaching as part of the Durham Climbing Centre Academy Rock Stars programme. Designed specifically for young climbers who are competing or aspiring to compete in national and international climbing competitions. We focus on preparation for BMC Youth Climbing Series and national climbing competitions.

Our Durham Climbing Centre Academy Rock stars are selected as a squad from team trials and is aimed at our most advanced young climbers who are keen to train multiple times a week and are ready for an advanced training programme. Think you have what it takes? Look out for the next team trials!

Children's Climbing Course with NICAS

This course is suitable for beginner or experienced climbers and includes a nationally recognised award in Bouldering. This is the ideal session if you are looking for coaching on every visit in a small group or a private session leading to a NICAS Award. With five levels of structured progression, the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) focuses on key skills for anyone new to artificial climbing. Our scheme is open to children aged 7-15 years.

NIBAS is a national scheme focussing on using a Log Book to log your climbs. The log book costs £7 and covers Levels 1-3.

Sign up and get your own NICAS Log Book and be awarded with a certificate at each level of the scheme. Booking is essential so make sure to get your place! 

Aims of NICAS

  • To learn how to use equipment properly.
  • To develop risk assessment and risk management skills in the sport.
  • To work as a team, communicate with and trust other boulderers.
  • To provide a structure for development, motivation and improved performance.
  • To develop an understanding of the sport, it’s history and ethics.
  • To provide a record of personal achievement.
  • To point the way to further disciplines and challenges in climbing beyond the scheme.
Children's Climbing Course with NICAS
One Session
£15Per Session
Children's Climbing Course with NICAS
Group Session
£105.00Term Starts: Monday 3rd June 2024
7 Sessions

Rock Stars Activity Camp

Can your child not get enough of their Rock Stars classes? Are they looking for more ways to get involved at the Durham Climbing Centre? Or are you looking for ways to keep them entertained during the school holidays? Well why not be part of the School Holiday Camp Rock Stars! Our activity camps run during school holidays Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm with an extended day option from 8am - 6pm.

Children's Themed Events

Rock Stars Climbing Club hosts annual Easter, Halloween and Christmas Children's Parties!