Rock Stars Children's Lessons

Keep children entertained on weekends, after school and during school holidays with an extensive programme of weekly coaching sessions for ages 3 - 16 years.

Bouldering has many benefits for children from increasing their physical fitness, balance and agility to promoting hand eye co-ordination. Group sessions help to build social skills while encouraging speaking and listening skills.

Look out for special events including a children's Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party and Christmas Party offering themed climbing activities.

Baby Rock Stars

3 - 6 Years

The first step for young children to get involved is to have them attend structured climbing sessions to learn basic skills and techniques in climbing. Climbing from a young age improves co-ordination, builds self-confidence and promotes socialisation. Includes shoe hire and chalk hire.

Children learn through games and activities with encouraging climbing coaches.

3 - 6 Years Term
£30(Term time sign-up)
3 - 6 Years Casual
£7(One-off session)

Rock Stars

7 - 11 Years

Recognizing young climber’s skills and achievements in bouldering through the unique Durham Climbing Centre Award Scheme. Children work through criteria designed by experienced and qualified climbing coaches. Medals and certificates are awarded at each of the four stages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Junior Helper. Young climbers receive their very own ‘buddy badge’ after completion of the Gold Award. As a buddy badge holder, junior helpers may be asked by their coaches to pair up with new members and given extra responsibilities by their coaches.

7 - 11 Years Term
£60(Term time sign-up)
7 - 11 Years Casual
£12(One-off session)

Rock Juniors

12 - 16 Years

Coaching sessions for older children focussing on developing skills and perfecting techniques. Climbing coaches deliver advanced workshops to older children and introduce conditioning, nutrition and training. 

12 - 16 Years Term
£60(Term time sign-up)
12 - 16 Years Casual
£12(One-off session)