Date: 22nd July 2015

SBL Rules Reminder

  • You must climb all the problems to tick them off, even if they look easy – you still need to climb them!

  • To correctly start a problem you must start with your hands on the hold/holds labelled with the route number on yellow tape.

  • Only one colour can be used for the route for both hands and feet.

  • Features and volumes are included unless specifically stated that they aren’t to be used for the problem – in which case, don’t use them!

  • Both hands must touch and be able to hold onto the last hold in the route to have been completely successfully. If one hand holds but you slap the hold with the other hand and fall it doesn’t count!

  • As soon as both feet step off the mat and onto the wall this counts as your first attempt! If you fall/slip off you can’t put that route down as a flash!

  • Before you attempt a problem for the first time you can’t climb up the wall using other coloured holds to feel what certain competition-problem holds feel like. The only ones you can feel are the ones that you can touch from standing on the mats.

  • If in doubt, ask a member of the team who will be happy to assist.

  • Last but certainly not least, remember to be honest! After all the competitions are there to have fun with, compete with your friends and compete with yourself each round! If you fall off your flash attempt pick yourself up from the mats and attempt it again! There’s still another 10 points available!

Hayley McKenna Manager