Date: 24th June 2016

Upcoming Circuits

You can always guarantee new problems to try each week at Durham Climbing Centre! The setting team Paul and James have been busy today creating a new purple circuit graded F6a – F7a. They have also added extra problems to the junior wall area, removed all the volumes and tweaked problems in the advanced area in preparation for a mass volume set with Round 1 SBL next Friday!

Paul tests his circuit style endurance problem on the volcano

24/06/16 Purple F6a – F7 Paul Carruthers & James Hunter

01/07/16 Pink F4 – F7c Paul Carruthers & James Hunter Round 1 Summer Boulder Ladder

08/07/16 Red F6a – F7b James Hunter

15/07/16 Yellow F4 – F7c Eden Rock Setting Team Round 2 Summer Boulder Ladder

Hayley McKenna Manager