Date: 16th February 2014

Round 4 2014 WBS Round Up!

After another busy weekend, Round 4 HRT WBS is done and dusted leaving only one round and final left to go!

Emma Twyford travelled from her home in Wales to route set then headed off to the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show representing sponsors DMM. Emma Twyford’s ascent of Rare Lichen on Clogwyn y Tarw (Gribin Facet) – given E9 6c in the current Ogwen guidebook – means she now joins a very select group of women who have climbed at this grade. Hazel Findlay is the only other British female to have climbed E9. Emma certainly lived up to her reputation setting a challenging circuit with #13 unclimbed by anyone.

DCC Pap Ronnie Fraser captured the event beautifully and has added some cool effects to some pictures! All pictures will be available to view soon along with some short videos of Emma testing. In the meantime, here’s a recap of Round 3. The problems are still up to climb so come and have a go. All you need to know for Round 5 and final is coming up!

8 Large Pizzas and 4 Large Garlic Breads went in a couple of hours!

Round 5 and the Final 14th & 15th March

Gaz Parry Problems & FREE Supper

Don’t miss the last round and spectators Final on 14th & 15th March. The round will run from 5pm Friday 14th March – with the Final running straight on from 4pm Saturday 15th March + free food and further final problems.

The top 5 scoring males and females overall will go head to head on 3 problems. They will be placed in isolation, before each problem and brought out in twos – one male and one female. The finalists will be allowed to view the problems before they are placed in isolation.

Each competitor will be given 2 minutes to complete each final problems and judged on how many attempts and how far they get.

There will also be food on Finals night! Everyone welcome! After 4 rounds, qualifying finalists would be as follows, however all could change in Round 5! If any of the top 5 are not present or do not wish to take part we will move down the line!

There will also be prizes for podium category winners and a grand raffle.

Hayley McKenna Manager