Date: 6th April 2021

Booking Slots are OPEN!

Opening Date Confirmed!

Great News! We are so happy to be reopening our doors on the 12th of April! Booking is OPEN online for all sessions!

There are so many reasons to hurry back to the wall, and here are just a few!

We are excited to welcome you back! We also understand that you may feel a little rusty and may need time to adjust to socializing and getting back into climbing! We are doing everything we can to make your return back to the centre comfortable and safe, and of course FUN!

Our team has been working hard during this lockdown to make your return to climbing safe and comfortable. Our staff have completed upto date Floor Walking Training to refresh and update our knowledge ready for your return.

NEW 4 Week Pass - Buy Now!

What better way to get psyched and get back in to training, than with an unlimited climbing pass! There's no commitment, and the pass lasts for 4 weeks. Designed for regular users, this pass offers unlimited climbing for 4 weeks from the date of activation. The more you visit, the more cost effective each entry becomes.

Unlimited access anytime and no booking required! Pre-booking is not required for 4 week pass holders. The pass is activated from the date of the first visit and expire 4 weeks from the activation date. A lifetime membership is required to purchase a 4 week pass.


We are happy to announce during the lockdown we have invested in a new professional route setting team! Impact Route Setting have set for the most successful competition climber in the UK Shauna Coxsey and are now working with us to deliver our high quality routes and projects to work on for all levels!

Head over to our Instagram @durham_climbing_centre and Facebook to see some of the routes they have set!

Lock-in Route Setting Workshops - Book Now!

We are also super psyched to announce we will be holding two of our route setting workshops in May and June This workshop is a great chance to work closely with our in-house setting team and to design and plan a route of your own. It is also a great opportunity to see what goes into route setting and find out how planning and preparation is key!

Also this workshop is a little different, as we have planned this workshop after hours! The centre will be closing half way through this workshop and you will be able to stay after hours to test in a more relaxed and quiet environment!

Griptonite - Exciting New Features!

There are lots of exciting updates to the app Griptonite, where you can log climbs, check start holds and watch beta videos. One really exciting new feature is the ‘First Ascent’ where you can bag this and upload your own video to griptonite to earn kudos from your climbing buddies!

Download the app now!

Summer’s Coming!

We are also excited to say summer is coming! With that in mind we understand you will need a cool refreshing drink to go with your climbing session and we have added just that to our summer menu! We now offer a refreshing Peach Iced Tea and Iced Coffee!

We are also offering iced frappe with any of our vegan syrups vanilla, caramel or hazelnut served with optional whipped cream and chocolate drizzle!

Any of the milk based drinks can be served with Coconut, Soya or Almond Milk.

Our drinks and cafe menu can be enjoyed in the back garden or in our new outdoor seating area at the front of the centre!

Please take a moment to refresh yourself on our Covid-19 information - designed for your safety and enjoyment at the wall!

Hayley McKenna Manager